Unlike traditional media, social media is not just one-sided. There is content coming from almost any angle, in almost any form from anyone! From video, to photos to Infographics everyone and anybody now has the ability to make a name of themselves and speak directly to the world.

For a business, you can’t just be one-sided putting out your own content. You also need to utilize user-generated content or UGC. That’s because UGC creates opportunities for businesses and brands to authentically connect with their followers and customers.

This type of content is much more trustworthy compared to just branded or “scripted” content. That’s because it is raw, human and unedited which makes it truly relatable.

User Generated Content

While sharing a customer’s photo or video on your own social media are the most common ways to utilize UGC, product reviews are another form of content that is created and shared.

This type of content is extremely imperative to include in your marketing strategy if you are marketing to millennials and those in Gen-Z. That’s because these young people are extremely visual in the way they communicate and make buying decisions.

UGC is becoming so big that some major brands are hiring their own employees to create content utilizing their products.

Brand ambassadors are all over the place and you may not even know it. That’s why it is important that brands are using listening tools so they are able to monitor social conversations and collect and curate this type of very powerful content on their own networks.

Invasive advertising just doesn’t work anymore. With user generated content you will create a much stronger customer experience.

As a marketer you don’t want to miss out in this unprecedented opportunity of exceptional growth.

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