If you are a business and have engaged with social media for it, you probably from time to time want to see how you are doing and how your content is performing.

While every major social network has a variety of good analytics and insights attached to their business pages, it can get a little overwhelming. Especially if you aren’t an analytical type of person.

So what should you look for when diving in? There is always the obvious things like seeing how many likes, retweets and comments you received, which are all important. It isn’t everything though.

Social Analytic Reports

So what are the other important things to really look at and track that can give you good insights on how your content is doing? Here are a few suggestions:

Demographic Information:

While Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all provide basic demographic information such as locations, gender and age of your followers, it doesn’t give a lot of specifics. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at it. It is enough data so your not just making assumptions on whom you think your audience is.

Competitive Benchmarking:

Just about every business out there today has a competitor. In today’s world there is a wealth of information right at your fingertips. Utilize this information to your advantage. Facebook for example, lets you watch competitors in your watch list within the insights tab. This will give you a quick glance of how you’re compared to your top competition. In addition, you should also go to their pages and utilize other third party free analytic tools such as Likealyzer and Twitonomy and look in detail on what their strategies are. Perhaps you can even get some ideas for yourself.

Image Analysis:

When it comes to social media, images are for sure extremely powerful and in many cases, the focus of the social network itself. (i.e. Instagram and Pinterest). That is why it is extremely important to monitor your visual content. By gathering this data and analyzing it will help in making business decisions. That’s because images, more than text convey emotion and sentiment. While you can do this manually by analyzing each image there are also paid tools such as Crimson Hexagon that can take the analyzing a bit further. Don’t overlook this important metric though as it can tell you a lot on what visual content your audience wants to see and what they don’t.

Social Analytics can be as little or as lot complicated as you want to make it. Don’t get overwhelmed though and always look through the “noise”. For assistance on a social media analytic strategy for your business or brand contact The Interactive Imprint today at 954-254-1650 or visit TheInteractiveImprint.com.