While many users are abandoning their Facebook account for a variety of different reasons, in reality the biggest social network is going nowhere.

But, just like everything else, Facebook is evolving and changing. What was important for a business back in 2016 is no longer the case as we head into 2019. So what is important and what should businesses know as we approach the New Year – when it comes to Facebook and your marketing strategy?

What To Focus On Facebook in 2019

  • Stories will become big
    In fact; Facebook Stories will become bigger and more valuable than posting content on the newsfeed. People have very, very short attention spans (smaller than a goldfish, in fact) and they don’t want content sticking around permanently. Stories are great as they can provide a message that only have 24 hours of longevity, and then they are gone forever.
  • Messaging is becoming essential
    Did you know that about 100 billion messages are sent each day across services such as WhatsApp and Messenger? That’s because more and more people are looking to communicate in a much more private manner compared to in the past. As a business, you need to be aware of that as it essential to constantly be monitoring and responding to private messages that customers and potential customers are sending. As new private conversations become even in bigger, Facebook is even planning to not just improve security with these products but also include payment features.
  • Video will continue to grow but in a different way
    With the addition of Facebook Watch and IGTV, Facebook is now providing platforms for people to watch original video content without it interfering with users News Feeds and Stories. This way video content can have the ability to be consumed without the distraction and “noise” interactions that other types of content around it can bring.

While these products and features will continue to be social in nature, how a business executes them within their social media strategy needs to evolve from what it has done in the past.

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