Facebook has a bunch of different ad objectives and it can get overwhelming. There are reach objectives; engagement objectives, lead generation objectives and conversion objectives just to name a few. While they each have their benefits wouldn’t it be great to get an added bonus from their original purpose, without having to spend additional spend money? For just about all of us, that’s a for sure yes!

Get Organic Reach From Facebook Ads

Here are two ways to get “more bang for your Facebook buck.”

Get Page Likes From Boosted Posts

While we all know that you need to boost posts these days if you want anyone to actually see them. When you boost your posts, you show the content to those who don’t necessarily like your page. Why not take advantage of getting those people to like your post to now also like your page? Clicking on the people that liked that specific post and inviting them to like the page can accomplish just that. Obviously, they won’t all like it but if you received 50 post likes from a $5 boost, wouldn’t it be great to pick up 15 new organic page likes from it as well! This way you now increase your organic reach potential without having to spend an extra nickel on for example, a Likes campaign.

Allow For Shares With Your Lead Gen Campaigns

Facebook’s lead generation objective is a great way to receive tangible leads quickly. Users are served an ad and the call-to-action button takes users to a form, pre-populated with information right on Facebook. They make it very easy to capture users contact information. But did you know that by default when you create a lead form, it keeps the campaigns from not showing a share button in the ad? That’s because Facebook wants only the targeted demos that you put in to be the ones that are served the ads. If though you change the setting and open the form to public, the lead ad now includes a share button. This way the user that was served the ad can share it, which means more potential people submitting their information in the form. Remember, people make buying decisions these days from others they know. If a friend of yours shares a lead generation ad that goes on your feed, there is a good possibility you will be interested in it as well and submit your info.

Facebook doesn’t openly tell you about these add-on organic opportunities, as they are a business and looking to make money. If though, you simply check certain areas and tweak certain settings you can get much more potential exposure for your content then you originally set out for.

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