One of the most challenging things for online businesses these days, especially those that follow their website’s analytics is when a consumer clicks that “x” button right before they hit the check-out button. They do everything you want them to do but don’t complete the purchase.

Whether they got distracted, change of heart, or their WI-Fi went down, you don’t make a dime when they leave before hitting that “piggy bank ringing purchase button”.

That’s where social media remarketing comes in. A business may not have received a consumer’s credit card number but because of a little piece of code added to the website, the business now knows who they are and can remarket to them.

There are a lot of benefits to social remarketing.

People spend a ton of time on social media on sites like Facebook and Instagram. By utilizing remarketing in social media advertising campaigns, allows you to target people who have already shown interest in your product or services. They are familiar with your brand already and it isn’t just “cold” outreach based on the social media’s targeting algorithm.

These users will help reduce your advertising costs as it will help improve clickthrough rates (CTRs) and eventually raise conversion rates. (It can take a person 8 times to see something before actually reacting and doing something with it).

While many consumers may think remarketing is intrusive to them, like “big brother” watching over, a business should keep the content they are remarketing fresh and routinely switch up the ads they are showing. Focus more on the products or services you sell and less on the branding in this case. The consumer will be less annoyed and more likely to see the benefits of the content you are showing them, instead of hiding or blocking the content.

If you strategize, social remarketing can have a big return on investment. To do it properly and most cost-effectively though, you need to always be monitoring and tweaking your campaigns depending on performance. Like with everything else, content can get stale and as soon you see your performance starting to drop, this very important audience to you and your business needs to be wowed with something new and fresh.

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