Things in the digital marketing space are changing rapidly. What may be a tool one day, could be obsolete the next. You constantly have to be on your toes.

Luckily there are two tools every digital marketer should be aware of that help make your life a little bit easier – and to make things easy, they are both studios. Here’s the 411 on both:

Facebook’s Creator Studio

For those who manage multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts, Creator Studio makes things very easy. It allows creators and publishers to manage posts, see insights and look at messages all in one place from all your pages. You can quickly post from a desktop onto Instagram, schedule posts ahead of time, and even post to IGTV.  While it doesn’t have every necessity for your social media marketing endeavors, it does have most, which can become a HUGE time saver.

Google’s Data Studio

With Google’s Data Studio tool, you can turn all your data from your Google Analytics and Google Adwords accounts and turn them into personal, professionally branded stories or data visualization art. With the tool you can drag and drop your data through highly configurable charts and tables, plus it has a variety of built-in sample reports that you can customize. You can then easily share these reports with your team, clients or the entire globe as well as make them interactive with viewer filters and date range controls.

Data Studio is like a customizable infographic that makes data easy to understand and comprehend. By utilizing it, will for sure give you one up on your competition.

For digital marketers, you have to constantly be on your toes as updates and new features occur faster than you can blink. Two tools though that should be bookmarked and utilized, even if they are updated are Creator Studio and Data Studio. You will see the benefits in no time.

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