Facebook, now Meta is a social network that’s been around for a while and for business understanding it’s algorithm can get very complex. It used to be very easy, you would post and all your fans would get served. Now, not so much. You work so hard to create the perfect piece of content and after you post it, you see it reached a total of 15 people. It can get very frustrating to say the least.

People aren’t going to business pages, they are looking at their feed and you need to be present there. With that being said, what are some ways to optimize to get that content receive actual eyeballs? Here are a few tips:

Optimize For Each Platform

While it maybe easy to use a third party tool and automate all your content so you write it once and posts on all your social networks, you shouldn’t do it and that includes on Facebook. Facebook isn’t hashtag savvy like for instance Instagram or Twitter. It could look very spammy.

Utilize Links with URL Shorteners

Facebook gives you the opportunity to include a link in your post’s captions. Utilize it. This is a great way to get people to learn more about your company and get more details on the content you are showing them. Don’t just post a long link though. Shorten with a URL shortner such as Bit.ly and even take advantage of their UTM tracking capabilities so you can easily track the clicks you get and be able to see some data from it on Google Analytics.

Utilize Emojis

Facebook makes it very simple to incorporate emojis in your content and by having an emoji or two in your caption gives your content more colorful eye-catching opportunity for your readers. People are visual in nature and they may stop and actually read and engage with your post if you have an emoji or two included in it.

Boost, Boost and Boost Some More – But with A Strategy

Today, it is super essential to boost your content (or put money behind it) to be seen, but you probably think you should boost just to increase engagement. You don’t always need to do that. When you boost you have various options and that includes boosting to get messages. This is a great way to get potential lead generation from your content as now the post is optimized for a user not to just like it and maybe comment on it but actually send you a direct message via Facebook’s Messenger application. This can now start a private conversation and who knows to what else.

Facebook’s algorithm is constantly changing and getting seen for a business in 2021 can be tough, especially if you aren’t a huge corporation with thousands of fans.

By utilizing some of these strategies though can for sure help getting your content to not just be seen but also interacted with.

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