With a new year comes new advertising and marketing budgets and new strategies on where to put your money. These days for sure, there isn’t a lack of options, especially on the digital side.

If you are looking to go the Google route though you will want to take into consideration a few things to make sure your money is being spent the most wisely.

Google has two main two advertising options within its Ads (previously Adwords) Network. The first is search. Search has a lot of benefits.

  • Search is a push-type of marketing. People are searching for products or services you provide and you bid on keywords that help you show up high on the search results. Google search campaigns are, for the most part, text only. (You can add images to the new image extension feature). People who click on your ads are more than likely your best prospects as their intent is to find results based on their query.

The second option that Google provides is through its Display Network. Display can have benefits as well:

  • With display, you are providing a more reactive type of marketing as you are placing graphic visual ads on third-party websites that Google partners with within its Display Network. While people always like pretty, bright photos over boring text, people are viewing your ads in places they weren’t necessarily looking. Yes, they can be placed on sites that are somewhat similar in nature to what you have to sell but the consumer’s intent is to look for what they want to find, not specifically what you sell.

Google tries to promote both networks when building a campaign. It’s not necessarily the best idea though. The search network is ideal if you want to get hot prospects and sales fast. If you are simply looking for brand awareness though, the display network is ideal. It will get a lot of clicks but more than likely very few conversions.

One way to utilize both within your strategy is to first create a search campaign. Run that for a few months and then create a Remarketing Display Campaign. You can do this by utilizing the Google Remarketing Tag.

Now your ads will only be shown to people who have visited your website in the past, not just anyone visiting a random website. They have some relevance of who you are and what you do which means they are more likely to convert.

Remember, it can take a person seeing your content 8 times before they actually convert into a lead or sale. By utilizing this type of strategy will for sure keep you top of mind.

Google is an incredible marketing tool. It just needs to be utilized properly to most benefit you and your business, not Google’s.

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