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Considerations to Contemplate when Incorporating Social Customer Service for your Brand.

In today’s digital-first world, consumers expect an instant service with immediate results. That means it is extremely vital that brands take the same approach when it comes to delivering customer service, including on digital, social mediums such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Twitter. So what are some ways a business can provide for a good […]

How To Use Google Analytics For Your Facebook Strategy and Targeting

With the amount of advertisers participating on Facebook’s advertising network, you just can’t take guesses anymore on what type of content you should be posting and advertising. Your cost per click, engagement, impression or lead can potentially go through the roof. Now more than ever, to be successful on social media, especially on Facebook you […]

How The Social Influencer Marketing Tactic Has Changed

In the past, it was just the media and celebrities that influenced consumers when it came to marketing. Now, with the rise in social media, everyone now has a voice and the potential to influence others. Enter Influencer Marketing! But like with everything else, influencer marketing has evolved and the one size fits all approach […]

Three Parts of Facebook That Are Going to Get Bigger (and Change) in 2019!

While many users are abandoning their Facebook account for a variety of different reasons, in reality the biggest social network is going nowhere. But, just like everything else, Facebook is evolving and changing. What was important for a business back in 2016 is no longer the case as we head into 2019. So what is […]

What to Look for In Social Analytics (Besides The Obvious Likes, Retweets, Comments and Reactions)

If you are a business and have engaged with social media for it, you probably from time to time want to see how you are doing and how your content is performing. While every major social network has a variety of good analytics and insights attached to their business pages, it can get a little […]

How To Get Followers For Your Instagram Page

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, it can be much more challenging to get followers on Instagram. That’s because users are much more choosy on who they want to follow and unlike Facebook and Twitter there are no “Like” or “Follow” type advertising campaigns that you can put money behind to specifically increase Instagram followers. So what’s […]

Social Proof is the Most Important Tool for your Overall Marketing Strategy

While there are so many tools out there to incorporate into your overall digital marketing strategy, the number one tool to gain trust with your customers and potential customers is “social proof”. But what exactly defines social proof? Basically, social proof is the behavior people are influenced by because of the actions of others. So […]