Facebook advertising isn’t new. The biggest social network that went public a few years back has 2 billion plus users worldwide. That’s a lot of potential eyeballs.  In addition, advertising on Facebook is much more affordable than advertising on other digital mediums such as Google as you can reach a few hundred (or even thousands) of targeted people for just a couple dollars.

Now though with the spread of COVID-19, Facebook has seen a decline in advertising sales.  That is most likely because many businesses are shutting down temporarily and don’t have the need to advertise or simply to rein in costs. Remember with digital marketing it is very easy to start and stop Facebook ad campaigns compared to other traditional mediums where buys and insertions are already in place and are harder to cancel.

Instead of though, cancelling or pausing your Facebook ad campaigns, here are a few reasons why you should keep them going and even increase budgets for them:

  • Less advertisers means more potential “real estate” for you to use on Facebook’s feed. Less completion means more exposure.

  • Your cost per will now be less. Whether it is cost per lead or cost per click or conversion it should now be less, as you will have the ability to reach more people for less money.
  • Social media usage is up. People aren’t working. They have more time on their hands. They are spending more time on social media. Allow your business be where eyeballs are.

While many companies are hesitant to advertise their business or brand along side the numerous Corona virus discussions that are currently going on, consumers are able to separate the two and may actually be happy to see something else on their feed besides negative and sad news about the Coronavirus.

We are in unprecedented times. That doesn’t mean the world and economy is shutting down completely. Try to turn the rough situation into a positive one.

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